With the exclusive aim of building bonded relationships by rising together Giridhar Housing initiated Redevelopment Projects in and around Pune City. Giridhar Housing has an experience of working in this arena for the past decade and a half. With pride we can vouch that we have an unblemished track record. Considering the need of a crowded and growing city and all concerns we cater to our esteemed customers with better living and a better future.

Why Redevelopment?

  • You get a new structure in place of the old one with the costs of construction and other incidentals borne by the Developer.
  • You get larger remodeled homes that come with the latest amenities & specifications.
  • Parking spaces increase and every unit gets at least one car park.
  • The new buildings come with Automatic Lifts, Power Back Up for common areas and increased safety and security.
  • There is great value addition to your homes and your general lifestyle gets upgraded.
  • You get all of this and much more at the convenience and comfort of your existing location.

Redevelopment is a Two–way Street

  • Both parties play an equal part in the Redevelopment process. It has to be a win-win situation for both the parties. While the society should get maximum area and other benefits, the developer has to be able to cover its costs and make a profit. Redevelopment cannot happen if there is an imbalance. Redevelopment can take place only when both parties benefit. While finalizing a developer, the society should consider the proposal in a holistic way. While additional area is important, the society also needs to consider the developers’

    1. Credentials
    2. Experience
    3. Reputation
    4. Quality of ongoing and completed construction
    5. Amenities and value adds

The Redevelopment Process

  • Societies internally decide to go in for redevelopment.
  • Then they seek out developers and invite proposals for redevelopment.
  • Interested developers visit the society. After collecting requisite documents from the society, they work out the potential of the plot.
  • Subsequently, proposals are given to the society. These proposals include additional area proposed, amount payable towards alternate accommodation, amenities to be provided, etc.
  • These proposals are shared with the society members and their suggestions are sought.
  • Based on the suggestions received, further discussions are held between the developer and the society committee and the proposal is finalised.
  • The finalised proposal is tabled before the general body and then the general body gives its approval.
  • Upon receipt of approval, work on preparing the plans for the new building/s begins and these plans are then shared with the society.
  • Once the society approves the plans, they are submitted to the concerned authorities for their approval.
  • Upon receipt of the approvals, a notice is given to the existing members to vacate the premises.
  • Subsequently, construction works commences.